Here Are the 25 Drunkest Cities in the U.S. for 2012 (and Congrats, Boston!)

Before we get into the 25 cities, a quick word on the criteria the Daily Beast used to come to their final ranking. First, they reached out to market researching service Experian Marketing Services to find the average number of alcoholic drinks per month per adult for each metro area, and weighted the number at 50 percent. Then, they used data from the CDC on how many residents per city are classified as “binge drinkers” and “heavy drinkers,” and weighted these two stats at 25%. Then… blah blah blah, *fart noise*.

Here's why you clicked:

25. Burlington, VT
24. Cleveland, OH
23. St. Louis, MO
22. Buffalo, NY
21. Las Vegas, NV
20. Fargo, ND
19. Philadelphia, PA
18. San Francisco, CA
17. Reno, NV
16. Baton Rouge, LA
15. Denver, CO
14. Springfield, MA
13. Baltimore, MD
12. Omaha, NE
11. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
10. Providence, RI
9. Washington, D.C.
8. Chicago, IL
7. New Orleans, LA
6. Hartford-New Haven, CT
5. Austin, TX
4. Charleston, SC
3. Milwaukee, WI
2. Norfolk, VA
1. Boston, MA


YOU FUCKIN' PISSAHS! Don't you win enough things in Boston? You have to take this too and confirm every (secretly awesome) stereotype people have about drinkers who grew up there?

Let's see how prevalent the Irish crickets are in Beantown's houses.

“Avg. alcoholic drinks consumed by adults per month: 15.6.”

Alright, that's not bad. 15.6 is a number many of your average social 20-somethings go through each week, and I'm sure that when you even things out, you're left with a population that's drinking a responsible amount.

“Percentage of population classified as heavy drinkers: 7.4%

Getting a little higher. (7.4% is over 4% higher than the list's No. 20, Fargo.)

“Percentage of population classified as binge drinkers: 20.1%”

Holy shit! That deserves a drunk Gronkowski picture.