Chances Are You’re Mispronouncing These 30 Common Words And You Sound Like A Dickwad

According to the website these are the 30 most common mispronounced words in the English language, so chances are a large percentage of you bros are butchering these words in public and you sound like idiots when doing so. Thankfully for you bros that are mispronouncing these words and looking like morons has laid out VERY SIMPLE instructions on how to fix your mistakes.

Now I didn’t want to jack their entire post (all 30 words), so I’ve grabbed the first 15. To see the entire list of 30 you can follow the link down below to see the complete list. For now though I want you to commit these pronunciations to memory so you no longer sound like an idiot when trying to use words that aren’t part of your every day lexicon of vocabulary.

The Most Commonly Mispronounced Words In The English Language

Almond: This dry fruit is pronounced as Ah-mund, (pronunciation of u as in sun). L is silent. You should not pronounce it as Aal-mund.
Bury: It is pronounced as Be-ri, the same as berry. And not Beu-ri or Burr-ri.
Dengue: This disease is pronounced as Den-gee (pronunciation of ‘gee’ as in cheese). You should not pronounce it as Den-goo.
Dessert: It is pronounced as dizz-urt, (pronunciation of u as in sun). And not as des-ert which is a barren land.
Schedule: According to US English, sked-jule is the correct pronunciation for this word. According to British English, shed-yool is the correct pronunciation.
Zebra: According to US English. the sound of the letter ‘Z’ is ‘Zee’. So, Zee-bra. (pronunciaiton of ee as in tree). But according to British English, it can be Zeb-ra. (pronunciation of Zeb as in egg).
Niche: In US English, it can be pronounced as Nee-sh (pronunciation of Nee as in tree). But according to British English, it is pronounced as Nitch (as in switch).
Bowl: It is pronounced as bo-hl (pronunciation of o as in roll). Not as ba-ool which is wrong.
Euler: It is pronounced as Oiler. And not as Yuler/Yular which is wrong.
Truth: It is pronounced as troo-th (as in boo) and not tru-th.
Epitome: It is generally pronounced as ep-i-tome (as in foam) But the correct pronunciation is ep-i-tummy.
Develop: The correct pronunciation is D+vay+lupp, and not as Day+vay+lupp.
Pizza: The correct pronunciation is peet-zuh, (peet pronounced as in wheat). And not Pi-za.
Monk: It should be pronounced as muhngk as in drunk. It is often mispronounced as mawnk (mon as in Montreal).
Genre: The correct pronunciation is Zhon-ruh, (Zh is a sound as in vision, and ruh as in umbrella). It is often mispronounced as Jen-ner.


‘Epitome’ actually caught me back in 6th grade and made me look like a real dickwad in front of my entire class. It was one of our vocabulary words out of a class book and we had to copy the word + definition onto vocabulary cars, and later the teacher called out student’s names randomly and that student was given a definition and they had to provide the corresponding word.

Naturally I got epitome, the teacher called my name and gave me the definition to which I responded ‘ep-ih-tome’, and sound like a complete fuckstick of an idiot when the teacher corrected me on the pronunciation and the entire class laughed at me even though we were in 6th grade and I’m 99% certain nobody else in the class knew how to pronounce that word at the time.

Anyways, I’m proud to say that since 6th grade I haven’t been mispronouncing a single one of the 30 most commonly mispronounced words in the English language, but that’s obviously because I’m better than most people at life and can do no wrong. Also, if you’re wondering what the feature image at the top of this article is about I suggest you watch this video from the 2014 Scripp’s Spelling Bee:

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