Woman Says Goodbye To Probably The World’s Only Pair Of 38NNN Breasts

Here’s a necessary surgery that I hope was covered by medical — a rare hormonal condition caused Kerisha Marks breasts to swell to roughly 15 pounds each. I always thought that condition was called AWESOME!

Marks underwent surgery because gigantomastia — a hormonal condition that causes breasts to grow up to 3 percent of a person’s body weight — was making it difficult for her to do pretty much everything. Especially live a normal life.

The 40-year-old high school social worker told the Post that the pain caused by the disorder would be so intense, it would convince her she was having a heart attack — or leave her with a migraine that lasted for hours.

“I could not run or jump or work out at all,” she told the Post. “I was very limited in a lot of things I could do. I mean, you can’t find a sports bra that size anyway.”

You mean they don’t carry 38NNN sports bras? Weird. Seems like a ton of Crossfit chicks would have racks that big. No? My mistake.

“Getting my breasts reduced was like a divorce,” Marks said. “And like a bad relationship, you don’t always realize how bad things were until it’s over.”

Which I could get some tits removed from my life too.

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