4 Signs She’s Definitely Interested in You


If there’s one complaint I hear more than any other from the men in my life, it’s that they can never tell when a woman is interested in them. “She’s playing coy,” they tell me. “She never says what she means.”

To that, I say: WAKE UP! She’s been telling you she’s interested all along. You’ve just been ignoring all the telltale signs!

Obvious sign she’s interested #1: She’s making excuses to touch you

No, she’s not grabbing your crotch (though I know how much you might enjoy that). Rather, it’s that when you’re sitting next to each other at the bar, she’s casually tapping your forearm, shoulder or knee while you’re chatting.

That sort of touching might seem completely nonsexual to you—you’re not even discussing sex, after all! But a woman would never keep applying her fingers to your body if she didn’t want to see you naked, no matter how much she’s trying to emphasize her point.

Obvious sign she’s interested #2: She never uses the word ‘friend’ in your vicinity

Trust me, if a girl is not interested, you’ll know immediately because she’ll be peppering every part your conversation with the word “friend” as it applies to you. (i.e. “You’re such a good friend!” “I’m so glad we’re friends!” “I just want to be friends!” etc.)

The reverse of that, however, is that if she’s down to bone, she will never, EVER utter that six-letter F-word any time you’re together. (We’re not morons; we know about your fears of the “Friend Zone” and understand the consequences of our word choice.)

Obvious sign she’s interested #3: She’s running her fingers through her hair and licking her lips

Guys, if it seems like she’s constantly running her fingers through her hair, you are TOTALLY IN. This behavior is called “preening” and women subconsciously do it when they’re trying to make themselves look more attractive to you.

Same thing with licking the lips—that’s a subconscious thing women do when they want to kiss you.


Obvious sign she’s interested #4: She gets within kissing range and stays there

If she’s inches from your face and looking into your eyes, DUDE! That’s an open invitation! What the fuck could you possibly be waiting for?! Make out with the poor girl already!

It really is that simple! Women really are not as complicated creatures as you try to make us out to be. So open your eyes, read the signs, and for god’s sake, fucking KISS HER ALREADY. She’s practically begging you.

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