For $46,000 You Can Own This Car Key—Not The Car, Just The Jewel Encrusted Key

Do I even need to bother telling you that these jewel-encrusted car keys are all the rage in the UAE, as if there’s anywhere else in the world where something like this could possibly exist? No, okay, moving on….

Jalopnik‘s Michael Ballaban shared a set of photos sent to him by a publisher out of the UAE aptly named ‘Simply Abu Dhabi‘ who received notice of these ridiculous displays of wealth from a German jeweler by the name of ‘Selected Jewels.’

It should be noted that $46,000 is the introductory price for these keys, which is about $8,000 more than the introductory price of a C-Class Mercedes Benz (the manufacturer for which these keys are made).

Jalopnik reports:

So far only made for keys belonging to your relatively pedestrian Mercedes-Benz, it starts by replacing the standard plastic with a solid gold inset. Or platinum, if you’re being truly obscene. Then, just for good measure, 300 diamonds adding up to 300 carats are added.

Because why the hell not? Everyone needs more diamonds in their lives.

Each key pays homage to the flags of various United Arab Emirates countries:

Things I’d rather buy with $46,000:

46,000 tacos.
A car.
1,000 bottles of really good wine.

For more on these ridiculous keys you can head on over to Jalopnik.