5 Bacon-Based Snacks That Are Better Than The Real Thing


Let’s be honest. While we all profess our love for bacon (online, amongst friends, in private when we whisper sweet nothings to it and make it promise never to leave us before scarfing down each piece), it’s kind of a pain in the butt to make. The long, slow frying; the disposing of grease; the temptation of using the microwave (which we do then immediately regret); it all makes eating bacon more effort than we want.

Enter bacon-flavored things. Everything’s bacon-flavored these days. For you to get your fix, though, you want the best.

These are that.

Bacon Bits

Salad. Salad. Salad.

Bored already? Yea. Me too. It’s nothing but lettuce and out-of-season tomatoes and some cucumber slices with the skin left on. But grab that jar of bacon bits from the spice rack and shake shake shake? You are transported to smokey, tasty heaven, all while eating something basically good for you. Win-win.

Bacon Jerky

You love jerky. I love jerky. But wait for me to blow your mind here. Did you know there’s bacon jerky that’s made from real bacon? I don’t know how it works, but Slim Jim has managed to combine the two in some kind of perfection that’s smoky and sizzling. It comes in maple and hickory flavors and can be found in stores or ordered directly through SlimJim.com.

Bacon Barbeque Sauce

If you are making meat, you might as well meat it up. That’s why, when smoking ribs, there’s nothing better than finishing them with bacon barbeque sauce. It has all the tang of regular barbeque sauce, but it’s got a deeper, porky flavor to it. That means your pig ribs will be even more piggy. How great is that?

Bacon Ranch Dressing

The next time you pick up a veggie platter, change the game. You’ve got broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery and peppers. Why dip them in regular old Ranch dressing when you can dip them in Ranch laced with bacon? The smokiness blends perfectly with the Ranch’s ranchy ranchness and plus, you are eating vegetables. Might as well get some meat in there.

Bacon Potato Chips

Potato chips are so good. But you know what makes them even better? Bacon flavor. Bacon flavor blends with the salty, greasy flavor of chips as perfectly as you can imagine. After all, bacon itself is salty and greasy. When added to chips, it’s a reinforcing tasting that’s impossible to top.