5 Hilarious Videos Worth Watching

You didn’t party your ass off this weekend? You didn’t throw a block party and get drunk with the mayor? It’s okay. Neither did the majority of bro-nation or at least that’s what you’re telling yourself and that’s perfectly fine! Some guys go chill with their bros when they’re having a bad day. Me? I search the World Wide Web looking for the absolute funniest videos available. Ladies & Bros, these are the five most hilarious videos that I watched today! Two or three are laugh-your-balls-off funny and the rest are just plain humorous. Don’t laugh/cry too hard!

I have to say.. I’m not usually one for fart jokes, but Jack Vale really pulls them off in this video! Check out everyone’s reaction to Jack Vale “farting” in the elevator below.

Words can’t even describe how funny this guy’s video are. It really made me wonder how I’d react if I saw this guy in public. It’d honestly most likely be similar to the girl’s reaction at 0:38. Yes. I compared my reaction to something terrifying to that of a girl’s. Watch the video and tell me that you wouldn’t do the same.

This could quite possibly be the funniest video on this list. This is the star of Vitalyzdtv (Vitaly) pranking his own mom for April Fools day. It’s sick. It’s cruel. It’s hilarious. Click play and then tell me (in the comments) whether Vitaly was funny or just plain mean to his mom.

This next video comes from the Dope Fresh Nation, Saaaan! Sorry, I had to say it. It’s arguably contagious. Saaaan. Say it. Saaaan. Anyways, the king & queen of the Dope Fresh Nation are Jesse & Jeana. They’ve been pranking up the internet for years now and they’re showing no signs of stopping. I’m not sure of this video is a prank or just plain cruel. Either way it made laugh.

This last video is from Roman Atwood & Dennis Roady. These guys are quite possibly the funniest bros on YouTube. For real. & I’m not just saying that, because I laugh so hard that my eyes water up every time I watch their videos.
I hope you enjoyed my pick of funny videos and I hope you agree that they were worth watching.

Stay fresh and spread love!