5 Things All Couples Bicker About In The Bathroom

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The bathroom, man. It’s a man’s world. That’s where us men do our man things. It’s where we shave our face after hewing wood to prep for the harsh winter. It’s where we spend time on the throne after digesting a steak. It’s where we scrub our bodies with pine cones, the manliest way to exfoliate.

The bathroom, man. It’s for men.

Except it’s not. I was surprised to learn, in research for this post, that women use the bathroom, too. For all sorts of similar stuff. Women shave just like men. They use the toilet. And they exfoliate, too, although they use something called a pumice stone.

So when men and women live together–which a surprising amount of people do–conflict ERUPTS.

We argue over everything. In fact, new research from Gillette shows that 35% of guys commonly argue with their significant other over shaving messes.

That’s a lot. But that isn’t the only thing.

Boy are they some conflicts.

5. General Cleanliness

Woof. Look how gross that is.

I think everyone agrees that the bathroom should be clean. It’s just a matter of how clean. Spic and span all the time? No, that’s insane. But I think that’s what women want. I can’t see how to do that, though. Use a toilet brush after every trip to the toilet? No. Dry down the curtain after every shower so mold doesn’t grow? That is a lot of effort. Can’t imagine doing all that, which I think is why fights break out.

4. Hair

Hair. Hair. Everywhere. Or should I say, every hair. Get it? Women and men get hair in different places. Women get it in the tub drain and men get it all over the sink. Everyone thinks their hair is less meritorious of being removed, which is why everyone gets mad. But both drains get clogged and nobody wins.

Still, those arguments pale in comparison to the three biggest fights couples have about the bathroom, according to research from Gillette.

3. The Toilet Seat.

Good grace, women. It’s not like you will die if you accidentally place your butt cheeks on the actual porcelain of the toilet. The absolute worst that will happen is you might get hit with a chill from the cool porcelain.

But men, women are right. It’s not that hard to put the toilet seat down. And since you are living with a women, all your friends already think you are whipped. So it’s not gonna hurt if you sit down to pee. Try it once. It’s very relaxing.

Yet that’s only the third biggest area of argument between couples that Gillette discovered. That’s tied with:

2. Not Replacing The Toilet Paper Roll

Look, here’s the deal. It’s not the responsibility of the person who finishes the toilet paper roll to replace it, unless they are in the middle of wiping and need more sheets. Otherwise, it’s the job of the person who is going to poop next, either before they poop or after they poop but before they wipe.

And there’s nothing wrong with leaving it on top of the holder. It works the same way. Don’t see what gets women all riled up about that.

But that too is still also only the third biggest complaint about the bathroom.

No, the biggest is:



1. Shaving Messes

Yup. Shaving messes. According to a recent Gillette survey, 35% of guys commonly argue with their significant other over shaving messes. It could be shaving cream on the nozzle of the can, or the mirror, or the edge of the tub. It could be hair left in the razor. Or using someone else’s razor in a pinch. We’ve all done it. Or maybe people are upset about that ring the can leaves. All nasty and brown.

But that can all be solved, with Gillette’s new redesigned canister, which has a clean-dispense actuator, a rust-free bottom, and a gel gauge—for no mess, no rust, and no guessing.

That and a maybe a little more effort from every party involved. Just try a little harder.

This post is brought to you by the all new Fusion ProGlide Sensitive 2-in-1 Shave Gel Plus Skin Care. Gillette’s latest innovative shave gel that strives to deliver an overall better shaving experience with no mess, no rust, and no guessing through their new revolutionary canister design.

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