Watch As These Bros Shoot Out A Truck Windshield With A .50 Cal Rifle And Film It On The 4K Camera: Mind = Blown

by 3 years ago

YouTube / FullMag

It’s not every day that you get to watch the windshield of truck blown out by a .50-caliber rifle, unless of course you work at some badass shooting range in the middle of nowhere that offers up a VIP package allowing people to shoot out the windows of truck, because in that case maybe you do get to see this every day. For the rest of us it’s quite a thrill to see such a high-powered rifle demolish the windshield of a truck, blasting through the front, plowing through the seat, and sending a mushroom cloud of badassery out the back window.

Here’s the video, and I highly suggest you watch it from beginning to end, but for those of you that prefer to cherry pick the best action I’ve broken down some of the highlights in GIF down below:

And now for that action once more, broken out into GIFs:

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If you want more videos like this I suggest checking out the FullMag YouTube Channel, because they’re pumping out gems like this every week!


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