The $5000 Glow-In-The-Dark Glass Bubbler Is Officially The Coolest Way To Smoke Up Ever

by 3 years ago


I rarely get this excited about glass pieces. I’m perfectly fine with a chillum or a regular old bowl when you just what to casually blaze. That said, this is AWESOME. The Bros at Dreamlab Glass in Evergreen, Colorado made one of the coolest glass pieces I’ve ever seen. This bubbler is called the Radioactive Orbit because it glows under a UV light. Also, it has a spinning glass ball while you’re pullin’ tokes of that green sticky icky.

Check out the demo of it glowing in the video above by Stoner Cookbook.

I want it so bad. Then again, with a $5000 price tag, I think I’m cool with a bowl from the local smoke shop.

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