Hate Rich People? Then Kick Back And Watch This $6 Million Superyacht Sink To The Bottom Of The Ocean

by 4 years ago

Rough day for some rich guy. Dude probably just heard about the Ashley Madison hack and decided to run his $6 million yacht aground so his wife would be distracted and forget to check the site to see if he’s throwing his dick all around town. It that’s true (and I HOPE IT IS) I can’t blame him. Sending $6mil to the floor of the ocean is going to cost him less than a divorce.

According to the Superyacht News (Who knew there was so much superyacht news in the world that it required it’s own website?):

Images have emerged of a superyacht sinking off the coast of Mykonos, Greece. While the size is yet to be confirmed, reports suggest she is approximately 30m, with speculation that she is Navetta’s 33m Custom Line Aloha.

Information suggests the sinking began at around 5am on 20 August, after running aground on a reef. The incident reportedly occurred when the yacht collided with a reef between the popular Greek seaside destinations Platis Gialos and Psarrou and that she was almost entirely submerged by sunrise.

A definitive cause for the yacht sinking has not yet been established and SuperyachtNews.com has been unable to confirm the reports that have emerged claiming that the incident was the result of an electrical failure triggering on board safety equipment to malfunction.

Here’s more footage after it went below the surface.