Here’s How To Check If Anyone You Know Had Their Email Address Compromised In The Ashley Madison Leak

You’ve heard about the massive Ashley Madison data breach by now, and how the names, email addresses, and credit card information for millions and millions of cheaters were exposed. Already we’ve seen celebrities getting outed as being on the site (we’re looking at you Josh Duggar), but what most people are interested in is whether or not we know someone who has had their information leaked.

You want to know if your email’s on there (even if you’re not a cheater maybe someone was catfishing you?), you want to know if your girlfriend or wive’s email address is on there, you want to know if any of your friend’s email addresses are on there, you want to know if any of your relatives are on there….Well, now there’s a site that you can plug any email address into and it’ll tell you whether or not that email address was part of the Ashley Madison leak. Actually, there’s several email websites to check if your info (or the info of someone you know) has been leaked.



CLICK HERE to see if your email address, or the email address of someone you know has been compromised. If you see this screen, you’ve got some explaining to do:



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