This Insane, $6500 Handblown Dab Mask Just Might Change The Marijuana Smoking Game Forever

Our friends at ANIMAL New York recently came across a marijuana smoking apparatus that might change the weed smoking game forever. This terrifying smoking device is called the “Mask of Moldauthein.” It’s by glassblowing artist Etai Rahmil, who also teaches flame working at the University of Oregon’s Craft Center. His work is nothing short of incredible, if you’re into such things. The Mask of Moldauthein features a 2-hole perc through the nose, and can be hit while wearing it. It also features over an ounce of moldavite, which Wikipedia tells us is a rare, glassy crystal from a possible meteorite impact in the Czech Republic.

Terrifying or awesome? There’s no doubt it will freak all your friends out after a couple of dabs rips. Check out Rahmil’s video for the product, along with more of his work, below, via ANIMAL NY:

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