The 6th Annual Air Sex World Championships Happened, Oh Yes They Did

by 4 years ago
air sex world championships

Huffington Post

Oh, you weren’t aware that the 6th Annual Air Sex World Championships took place? Well, let’s get you all caught up to speed then.

The Air Sex World Championships is like the air guitar championships only with, you know, fake sex… done on a stage… in front of people.

“The Air Sex Championship is not only the world’s greatest form of entertainment — it’s also educational and inspiring,” the tour’s commissioner, Chris Trew, told HuffPost Weird News. “It’s a celebration of sex, a positive sex show. You’re making love to an invisible person or object.”

Yes, a celebration. Indeed…

By the way, because you need to know, this year’s champion was Adam Wilson AKA “Tootenanny” making him a two-time winner at the Air Sex World Championships and an all-time winner when it comes to life choices.