6th Grader Writes Heartfelt Apology Letter For ‘Deez Nuts’ 911 Call

(Not the actual call, a recreation for entertainment purposes only)

Everybody loves a good “Deez Nuts” joke. Well except maybe 911 operators who need the phone line open to receive life-threatening pleas for help. This young 6th grader didn’t realize the detriment of calling 911 to tell an awesome “Deez Nuts” joke. However he got caught, shit blew up and he got his balls cut off for the silly wisecrack.

The boy was forced by his parents to write an “I’m Sorry” letter and then hand-deliver it to the police department. Thankfully, the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department shared this fantastic literary work on their website:

Never listen to your dickhead friends kid. They never have your best interests at heart. I hope at the very least won something from this dare.

The police department was cool about it and used the unfortunate incident as a teaching tool:

The 911 staff was impressed enough to accept his apology and to take him and his parents on a tour of the facility to turn the trip into a positive experience. His parents still have him on ‘lockdown’ for the prank. … The visit gave 911 staff the opportunity to show them how they work, how prank calls interrupt that work, and how it puts the general public at risk by taking both dispatchers and first responders away from legitimate situations.

This kid is getting put through the ringer for a harmless joke, meanwhile this guy is an Internet legend for doing a “Deez Nuts” joke in the holy bastion of justice, the People’s Court. First lesson kid, life’s not fair. Second lesson, don’t call 911 unless it’s an emergency.