This Kid Took A Selfie Every Day For OVER 8 YEARS, And For That Dedication, We Should All Watch His Insane Timelapse Video

I’d love and hate to see myself age eight years in one video but I don’t have this type of dedication.

Over eight years! For over eight years Hugo Cornellier took a one selfie per day just to put this video together. I’m assuming he did it for slightly over eight and not nine because eventually he came to the realization “this shit has to stop!”

Wait, he’s still going?!?!

I’m so excited to finally show all of you what I’ve been working on. Stabilizing all my selfies was by far the most time-consuming personal project I have ever undertaken. I’ve had to edit, align and re-touch every single photo ONE-by-ONE. It took me about a minute per photo once I got the hang of it (and there are well over 2000 photos).

I’ve fixed the issue where my face got skinny towards the end. The darker photos have all been brightened. My eyes are always centered. Also, there are a few ‘missing photos’ that have been added in (they were missing in previous uploads of this project).

The project is now everything I want it to be. See y’all at the 10 year mark. 😉 This is an on-going project! I will never stop taking pics. Ever.

I’m going to take a selfie every day for the next year and half and call them “waiting for Hugo’s next video.”