This 87-Year-Old Nudist Running For Sheriff In Washington Definitely Has My Vote

Dave Olinger is truly a nudist god among clothed men. Dave lives in Oak Harbor, 90 miles northwest of Seattle. He’s a man who stands up for what he believes in, and when he stands up, his balls flop all over the place because he’s a nudist.

The LA Times caught up with Olinger to hear what prompted the run –

“I think he watches too much of that Jon Stewart,” his wife, Kay, said of the “Daily Show” being a contributing factor to her husband becoming a write-in candidate for Island County sheriff.

Now Olinger is trying to even the party odds, he said, and should he get 1% of the vote during Tuesday night’s primary, he will be on the November ballot.

Wow, this dude loves “The Daily Show,” he loves having his dick out, and he also rocks jorts. Forget about running for sheriff, this dude should run for president. I also love that it never really says what he’s hoping to accomplish if he were to win. He’s basically just bored and wants something to do. Respect the hell out of that.

Lest you think that Olinger goes shopping for groceries or heads to the playground with his grandkids in his birthday suit, his wife was quick to point that he doesn’t go everywhere naked, “but he does like to lay out in the sun naked.” Well, who the hell doesn’t? This is a true man of the people.

This guy can’t get on the ballot unless he gets enough support, so c’mon people, if you live in that district, let’s make this man’s dream a reality.

I can’t post the image of Olinger from the article here because of lawyers or something, but I implore you to go check it out here. If you don’t immediately puke in your mouth out of immense respect for this bro legend, I don’t know what to tell you.