9-Year-Old Boy Reels In Mammoth 600-LBS Fish In ‘Nearly Impossible Feat’

Do any fishing this holiday weekend? Howdya fare? A couple half-pound stripers? That’s cool. Maybe you could learn a thing or two from 9-year-old Kegan Rothman. All he did was reel in a ginormous 600-lbs great white sturgeon.

On Monday, the youngster from Atlantic City, New Jersey was fishing with his dad out in Chilliwack, Canada when he was nearly pulled into the Fraser River by some beast in the water. With help from his father Dan and guide Ben Trainer (I’m thinking a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of help), the trio spent an hour and 45 minutes reeling in the monster fish.

“I thought the fish was going to pull me into the water,” an exuberant Kegan said.

“It is the most excitement I’ve ever had with a fish, said the lad. “It was so hard to hold onto the rod,” that’s what she said.

When it was all said and done, the 4-foot-tall, 80-lbs boy reeled in the giant 600-lbs fish. The fork length of the sturgeon was 9-feet and 5-inches and boasted a 50-inch girth.

The footage was taken by Great River Fishing adventures, and a spokesperson for the company called the catch a “nearly impossible feat.” Video shows Kegan guiding the giant creature into the river after releasing it back into the water.

Kegan’s dad said that his son has been fishing since he was 4-years-old and holds a youth record in the U.S. for the sheepshead fish. Still, it must suck to make the biggest catch of your life at 9-years-old and have the disappointment of never catching a monster like that ever again.