Dunderhead Calls 911 To Report His Cocaine Was Stolen By Wife And He Gets Arrested

When you’re standing at the altar exchanging devoted vows and you’re gazing into the eyes of exquisite woman that you will treasure for the rest of your days and be the mother of your children, the notion of her betraying you never creeps into your mind. However here is an example of complete treachery and contempt by a woman whom he at one time trusted and cherished.

We take you to Florida northeast Ohio where Rob Ford Rob D. Collins was called 911 to report that his wife stole his cocaine and was then arrested himself. I can’t believe his wife would steal his coke! You think you know someone.

Once police arrived to investigate the stolen cocaine caper, they found a marijuana pipe. The police also discovered that the 39-year-old man was wanted on a warrant for failing to pay hundreds of dollars in costs in an earlier court case.

Collins was charged with two misdemeanor counts alleging improper use of the 911 system and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The police report did not reveal if the stolen cocaine was ever found or if this cokehead just snorted it all unbeknownst to himself.

On second thought, I had this all wrong at first. This woman is probably a fucking saint and did absolutely nothing wrong except marry this half-baked fuckwitt. Unless she did actually steal the cocaine, then that’s messed up.