99-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested While Knocking An Item Off Her Bucket List

99-year-old Annie is living the dream. She’s closing in on her 100th birthday and her victory lap includes knocking items off her lifelong bucket list.

One of the items on Annie’s bucket list was ‘get arrested’. Getting arrested is actually a pretty easy thing to do if you’re really looking to get locked up, but Annie wasn’t willing to black out on absinthe and fight a cop so she instead enlisted the help of her niece. Her niece then contacted the local police and the next thing you know, Annie was headed to the clink where she appears to have had the time of her life:

According to the local police precinct’s Facebook post, they assisted in 99-year-old Annie’s arrest and helped her check that item off her bucket list. The cops picked Annie up at home, threw her in the back of a cruiser after slapping some cuffs on her, and then they let her sit in a jail cell to pose for some photographs with her handcuffs on.

Again, if she really wanted to get arrested all she’d have to do is get blackout drunk, walk into a stranger’s home, open their window, and try to puke or pee through the window screen. That would’ve gotten her tossed in jail immediately. It is heart-warming to see an old lady knocking bizarre items off her lifelong bucket list, but I kind of think she needed to really get arrested for this one to count.

(h/t TheLadBible / Politieni Jmegenzuid Facebook)