Bro Passes His 9G Centrifuge Training Like A Champ: ‘Squeeze The Butt, Squeeze The Legs’



If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re taking a 9G Centrifuge test there are only two things you need to remember: (1) squeeze the legs, (2) squeeze the butt.

If you’re not familiar with this test it’s given to pilots and/or astronauts who are subjected to extremely high g-force levels. Jet pilots can lose consciousness when subjected to extremely high-g levels, which has led to fatalities in the past. This training is a way to boost pilots’ ability to withstand these high-g levels for longer periods of time AND to train them to perform under those circumstances. If you can’t tell by now this is a pretty important test and one that should be taken very seriously by all parties involved.

That last little tidbit is precisely why it’s so hilarious that the proctor administering the test is constantly telling this bro to ‘squeeze the butt, squeeze the legs’. I’ve never taken one of these tests but I’m assuming that squeezing the legs/knees together somehow slows the blood flow to the legs (anyone know the answer here?). The whole reason pilots pass out during these high-g tests is the rapid loss of blood from the brain, and because the legs carry a TON of the blood in a body it would make sense that blood from the stomach, etc. would be flowing there very quickly (or am I way off here, pilots?). Why he must squeeze the butt, that I do not know. But this was an A++ video.

And for those of you looking for the hip-hop version of ‘Squeeze the butt, squeeze the legs’ you can find it right here: