A Demon Alien Shark With A Pot Belly Was Caught In Mexico And Scientists Finally Think They Know What It Is

Last week the fiery depths of hell opened in Los Cabos, Mexico and coughed up a nightmare-inducing shark. For the past few days scientists were completely baffled, clueless as to what this alien-like shark could be.

The shark was caught aboard the Pisces Sportfishing Fleet in Los Cabos, Mexico in 370-feet of water by Jamie Rendon aboard the Dr. Pescado boat, and it looks like a cross between one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and those little Red Hots candies:

After days of not knowing what in the hell this shark is we can all rest easy, scientists now believe that this is an albino swell shark.

Sarah Emerson of VICE’s Motherboard credits East Carolina University shark researcher Chuck Bangley as the man responsible for identifying this bizarre fish:

There are no sharks that have only 3 gill slits. According to East Carolina University shark researcher Chuck Bangley, there could be an explanation for this.
“Sometimes on the more bottom-dwelling sharks some of the gill slits are smaller or really compressed together, so that may explain the weird number of gill slits. Or it could be a developmental anomaly,” he told me.
When Bangley first saw photos of shark being circulated on Twitter, he tentatively identified the mysterious specimen as a swell shark (Cephaloscyllium ventriosum), suggesting that it could be albino, or unusually light-colored.
Swell sharks are a species of cat shark, and are observed off the coast of California and down through Southern Mexico, occasionally popping up in the waters off Chile. They’re often found as bycatch in commercial lobster and crab traps or, in this particular case, accidentally hooked by unsuspecting fishermen.

I’m actually slightly embarrassed to admit this but until today I’ve never heard of swell sharks. If you were to have asked me what this hark is I’d have told you that it’s a just a hell hound that swam through the ooze from TMNT.

For more information on this bizarre shark you can CLICK HERE to head on over to VICE’s Motherboard.

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