A letter to a few unlucky kids

Hello Twerps,

i have recently viewed you’re “incredibly swaggy video (see above), and first let me tell you that there was a stream a blood coming out of my eyes before i finished you’re scarring video. Im not sure if you have noticed yet in your 18 years on this ball ( by the way are you really an incoming freshman, or did you guys think it was just REALLY cool to make a “College swag video when you are still in HIGH SCHOOL?) anyways… im going to  reveal a secret to you, Swag was cool in high school for sophmore and freshman year, i admit i went through my fase, No where close to as detrimental as yourselves but yeah i was there. Things have changed though hombre. I hope that you were taught a big lesson in the past 7 months since you released that video. actually im sure if you pledged, the minute your pledge trainer found that thread of videos you were on Bows n toes for hours. But i want this to be a lesson to all incoming freshman or high school seniors. Dont try to be cool, as sappy as it sounds, you WILL find your path in college, whether you choose to to go Greek or be a GDI is not really my concern, my concern is for the future of our great country ‘Merica, and if you twats are sitting around trying to be something else you will NEVER be able to accept reality as it is and Embrace life. (too Eugene Litman) if you have not learned your lesson by now god forgive you and if i ever see one of those horrible videos pop into your thread you can be sure the comment sections will be filled with WRATH!!


A Not So Swaggy Guy