A Very Persuasive Bro Pulls Off a Spring Break Doubleheader

My Spring Break hookup story starts a little something like this…

It was my first full day in Cabo.  My crew consisted of 8 of us between two adjacent suites at a resort right behind the Mango Deck.  We started the day promptly at 9 to a little flip cup and shots, and then made our way down to Mango Deck around 11:30 to get the party started.  After about an hour of heavy drinking there, one of my roommates and I decided to walk up and down the beach to see if we can find any girls. 

On our way back we run into a group of 4 Washington State Pi Phi's playing with a Mexican's puppy (random, yea).  All of the girls are 7's and 8's but one girl in particular has dermals behind her ear, on her side ribs, and various tattoos… all these lead me to believe this girl was less than self-respecting, and my assumptions were correct (we will call her Dermals from here on out). 

After about an hour or so of drinking with these girls back at the bar, I convince Dermals to walk to my room with me to take some more shots.  Within 5 minutes of being there, we are doing the no pants and
getting down to business.

When we are all done I start getting dressed to go back down to the bar, and then out of nowhere Dermals says “Let's go round 2.”  Now I'm thinking to myself, “I already got it, what more do you have to offer?”  After a second of brainstorming I come up with a brilliant idea. 

I agree to go round two, and in the middle of it I tell Dermals “Hey, we should do anal”.  She rebuttals with she's never done it before and she doesn't know if she will like it.  I respond with “How did you know if you liked pizza your first time?  It's because you tried it.” 

After a little more convincing she gives in and I go slanging in the back door.  While doing this I have her head right next to the night stand, and notice my phone on there.  My next brilliant idea comes to life.  I put my hand on the back of her head and drown her face in the pillow.  With my other hand I grab my phone, get it set, and snap a picture of the glory going on down south.  When we are done I send her on her way, and instantly have something to show the bros when they all get back.  But the story isn't over here…

After she leaves I decide to go back down to Mango Deck and drink a little more. It's probably around 3:30 now and I head back to take a little nap before night raging.  About 10 minutes of laying down there is a knock on the door.  It's one of my roommates carrying a girl into our room, who is extremely blacked out.

With them though is another cute girl who I assume is friends with the blacked out girl.  After about 10 minutes of helping my roommate comfort and take care of this girl/spit some serious game at the coherent and hot friend, my roommate goes on his way to try and find blacked out girl's friends, and cute girl stays behind. 

While he's gone cute girl and I go out to the balcony to wait for him, and to do a little bit of flirting.  After about 15 minutes of small talk, we somehow start talking about dirty things, and before I know I have somehow convinced this girl to have sex with me and we go at it in my bathroom.  So here I am, an hour ago I was putting it in a girls back door, and now I'm having sex with a girl I just met no more than 30 minute ago. 

When this was all done I sent her on her way, took a shower, and went to bed knowing I just did some things that my mother should never know about.

Ah, to be young and with a curious penis …