Over 400 Million Accounts Hacked In Massive Breach Of AdultFriendFinder And Now The World Knows You’re Cheating On Your Chick

Unfortunately, it turns out that your sweet username of “GILFHunter69” with the password “LoadsOfFun” did not prevent your AdultFriendFinder account from getting hacked. Adult dating service company Friend Finder Network has reportedly been hacked for the second time. Over 412 million accounts, e-mail addresses and passwords from their websites and made available on criminal marketplaces.

Of the 412,214,295 affected users, over 300 million AdultFriendFinder accounts were hacked, as well as over 60 million accounts from Cams.com, plus accounts from Penthouse, Stripshow, and iCams were also breached. The hack was able to steal account usernames, e-mails, passwords, the last login, IP addresses, browser information and other information. Thankfully, detailed personal information does not appear to have been stolen.

The hack also revealed that the Friend Finder Network also kept information on 15 million accounts that users had deleted, as well as information on users for assets it no longer owned.

This makes the Ashley Madison hack of 37 million in July of 2015 look like child’s play.

Great. Now everyone knows that you’re cheating on your chick. Just deny that you’re “GILFHunter69” that happens to use the exact same IP address.