If You Can Find The Ace Of Spades In This Puzzle In Under 60 Seconds You’re Some Kind Of Wizard

ace of spades puzzle brain teaser


Few things on the internet get people more wound up than optical illusions and brain teasers. That’s because we LOVE to send them to all of our friends to see just how dumb they are. (Or at least we hope that’s the result. Because we’re all evil.)

So, with that in mind, here’s another one you can send to your friends (and enemies) to push them just a tad closer to the brink of insanity.

It involves a picture of a bunch of playing cards all mixed up and strewn about. The goal is to try to find the ace of spades somewhere in all this mess.

Here’s the backstory on the puzzle, according to the Mirror

The brain-teaser was produced by online casino Casumo.com, whose spokesman Greg Tatton-Brown said: “We’ve come up with a few puzzles in the past that we thought were difficult, but this ups the ante.

“You’ll have to be a real ace to find the ace that we’ve hidden – anything under 60 seconds is fairly impressive.”

The puzzle was created by Casumo after they found that the average Brit is BORED for over nine years of their life.

Nine years seems pretty low, in my opinion, but I digress.

Ready for your brain to be teased? Okay, start the clock and see if you can find the ace of spades in this mess in under 60 seconds.

So did you find it in time?

If not, you’re still a winner because, hey, you just blew a few more minutes of your work day being totally and completely unproductive!

For the answer, just click right here.

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