‘Actual Facebook Graph Searches’ Is Definitely the Most Entertaining Usage of Facebook’s Search Tool

“Actual Facebook Graph Searches” was started by english funnyman Tom Scott, and features the sorts of things that do a nice job in showing that humanity most certainly has a dark (or at the very least, less glamorous) side. He was kind enough to addresssome questions about the blog, which we have replicated here:

Why did you make this?

I got invited to Graph Search today, started playing about with it, and got some… well, some interesting results. I’ve been having a lot of fun at Facebook’s expense lately, but I had to take one more quick, cheap shot — and I think a Tumblr blog is the quickest, cheapest shot it’s possible to take.

I’m not sure I’m making any deeper point about privacy: I think, at this point, we’re basically all just rubbernecking – myself included. Facebook does have good privacy settings: but there are many, many people who don’t know how to use them!

Searching questions about the death of privacy will be left as an exercise for the reader.

Are you getting many submissions?

Almost none. I suspect that’s because not many people have Graph Search right now.

What’s the blog’s traffic like?

I’m going to go with somewhere between “ridiculous” and “ludicrous”.

Will this be an ongoing effort?

As the old saying goes: always leave ‘em wanting more.

Scroll through some of our favorites thus far (above), or check out the blog to get the full treatment. And well done, Mr. Scott.