Adidas Launches Beer-Inspired Sneakers Paired With Limited Edition Craft Beers From Stockholm

Taking inspiration from a brewery across the street from Adidas’ store in Stockholm, Sweden, the shoe company has paired with Stockholm Brewing Co., and have collaborated on a ‘Brewery Pack’ consisting of three craft beer inspired shoes + three limited edition craft beers. I’m not sure if the fact that this project’s so eye catching for me is proof that either a) I’m the exact demographic they’re looking for with this or b) I’m basic. It’s probably the latter, but what can I say? I love craft beer and I’ve been a lifelong Adidas fan.

The website Sneaker Stuff got the exclusive on the ‘Brewery Pack’ by Adidas, and are the production team behind that video above. Time until the shoes are released is roughly two weeks, but there’s a countdown over on Sneaker Stuff where you can keep track. The three craft beer inspired shoes being offered are as follows:

Adidas ZX Flux:

Adidas Stan Smith:

Adidas EQT Running Guidance 93:

via Sneaker Stuff:

Adidas Originals ”Brewery Pack”, a SMU pack from Sneakersnstuff, takes inspiration from the old brewery we have across the street from our store in Stockholm. Back in the 19th century, our entire block used to be a huge brewing company where you would find giant copper kettles, farmers bringing in malt and hops and of course bottles and bottles of beer.

Today there is no room for major brewing companies in the middle of the city, but we teamed up with the only brewing company that can be found in Södermalm today. Stockholm Brewing Co. was founded five years ago. A brewery that brings it back to the core by using organically grown ingredients and brewing the traditional way to enhance the flavor and character of the beer. And yes, of course we went ahead and produced our very own beer to match the adidas Originals ”Brewery Pack”.

The three sneakers and ‘Brewery Packs’ range in price from $89 to $109, and you can find more information on them over here on Sneaker Stuff.