Adultz Bop! Is The Perfect Soundtrack For When Your Life Turns To Shit After Having Kids

by 3 years ago

I’m a parent. See look. Yes, I’m raising the kids in my image — two adorable little assholes.

I’m here to tell everyone something you probably already knew and it’s that life sucks after having kids. Well, certain parts suck. Other parts are ok. Like it’s kind of cool to have two human beings think you’re a fucking god walking among men but I heard that changes once they get old enough to wipe their own asses.

The shitty part is how you have to adjust your behavior whenever the kids are around. Even in the car! The one place a guy can pick his nose, rip ass and yell at random drivers for being a) inferior drivers and b) probably massive pieces of shit when they’re not behind wheel as well. Parents can’t even listen to the music they want! Gone is my gangsta rap mixed tapes and appeared are The Best Of Radio Disney. Why can’t we just have both?!?!

Now we can — with Adultz Bop. Ever incredibly inappropriate song made kid-friendly.

This should numb the pain of parenting..

But it won’t….