After Kidnapping, Tinder Reminds Users: Hey Remember Our App Is Full Of Freaks Who May Eff You Up


Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

After a kidnapping that lasted six days in Kansas, where a man used the popular dating app to lure a woman, Tinder issued a statement today saying basically, “Ehhh, shit happens.”

Shane Allen, 30, allegedly used Tinder to meet a college student in Lawrence. They went on a date and several days later she agreed to go with him to his house.

There, Allen held her against her will for six days, repeatedly beating her and forcing her to send messages to her friends insisting she was okay. Eventually, he let her go, and her sorority sisters took her to the hospital.

From The Lawrence Journal-World:

The woman was returned to her sorority house around 11 a.m. April 18 and was immediately taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital, the affidavit says. Investigators noted the she had two black eyes, bruises and swelling on her head, face, neck and the rest of her body, broken blood vessels in her eyes, multiple scrapes and abrasions to her legs, knees, feet and more.

Tinder issued this statement regarding the incident:

“People with bad intentions exist everywhere.”

Powerful stuff. They did say Allen has been removed from the app. He was also arrested and charged with five felonies, so that’s probably the least of his worries.

[Via The AP]