This Awful After School Kid Fight Is A Time Machine Back To Your Shitty Childhood

Remember when you were a young lad and there was after school fights? The crowd would gather to see either one kid not show up, one kid walk away from the fight or have the shitty fight end after 42 seconds. This atrocious “brawl” between the two kids brings you straight back to your childhood.

I don’t know what started this fight, possibly the one kid made the other use the knockoff Xbox controller when they played Call of Duty. But if you’re expecting a one-punch knockout or some MMA techniques being utilized, don’t. This is an awful kid fight that turns out to be comical.

I like how Jordan starts the fight by saying that he can take a punch, then has his boy break up the fight when he gets in trouble. This fight had one power punch that was actually landed didn’t put the lanky kid on his ass, and he immediately retaliated.

The taller kid does come off as a complete fuckface after he spits on the chubby kid’s Jordan jersey. He really hocked a rather large loogie on him too. The one kid who is the spitting image of Bobby Hill from King of the Hill retaliated by declaring, “Oh you’re dead now.” The peanut gallery was taken aback by the slobbery tactic.

When the taller punk insults his combatant with a “Your Mom” joke, Jordan claps back with “She’s actually a nice lady.” DAMMNNN SON!

And how about that “You smoke cocaine” burn. Savage. Just savage. I just want the cameraman to yell, “NerdStarrrrrrrr!”

Boy do I hope these kids excel in school because neither of them is the reincarnation of Joe Frazier.

Still better than the Mayweather fight.