Girl With The Most Aggressive Tinder Profile Ever Loses Her Goddamn Mind After A Jewish Guy Dares To Text Her

Meet Marwa, a girl who knows exactly what she wants to get out of her Tindering experience and exactly how she wants it.

I can’t knock a person for wanting what they want and ONLY what they want. Shit, I want things. I YEARN! Usually, I’m not willing to settle for second best either. So I can’t shit and piss all over this girl for her overly specific, and kind of aggressive, Tinder profile.

However, I know one Jewish guy who wouldn’t mind shitting and pissing all over her. In fact, he’s kind of done it by posting this all online.

What’s his problem with Marwa? Well, he didn’t follow her strict “This is how you Tinder with Marwa, Motherfucker” rules and he dared to hit on her THE WRONG WAY. So… she casually told him she found it to be unfortunate that Hitler wasn’t successful in his quest to eliminate all jews from planet earth. YIKES.

Dude just got Marwa’d.

[H/T Barstool]

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