This 6-Month-Old Pig Is Taking Obedience Classes With Dogs And Straight Up Schooling Them

Everyone knows that pigs are smart. Pigs are renowned for their ability to learn and turn vegetables into bacon. All of the stereotypes you’ve heard throughout your life are true: pigs prefer disgusting living conditions (pigsty), pigs make excellent bacon, pigs remember and learn better than any animal on a farm.

All that said, since I don’t really have much firsthand experience with pigs aside from introducing my dog to a pig named Hamlet last December, I really have no frame of reference for just how intelligent pigs are. Enter ‘Amy’, the 6-month-old 45-pound pig from Seattle who enrolled in a puppy obedience training course along side dogs at the Family Dog Training Center in Washington.

As you can see in the video above, Amy’s straight up schooling the pigs. If these animals were applying to colleges Amy would be Harvard material, the dogs (aside from the brilliant Bernese Mountain Dog) would all be applying to Arizona State or something of the like. This juvenile pig’s so smart it’s moved onto a ‘freestyle dance routine’ and agility along side the grownup dogs…And suddenly I’m wondering how anyone has that much time on on their hands to train a pig to dance and bring it to competitions…

The Seattle Times reports:

Amy has learned to do things pig normally don’t do, like sit. Pigs prefer to lie down.

Stock says, “Amy is outgoing, affectionate and darn cute,” and she accepted her owner right away.

Joining a puppy class at Family Dog Training Center in Kent did not faze Amy.

The only requirement was she had to be housebroken, and she was.

Attending two classes a week, Stock also adds daily training. The house pet spends much of her day in a special-built indoor run.

Food is a constant teaching reward, including banana chips and string cheese.

But bacon treats are strictly forbidden.

A pig that can sit…what a crazy world that we live in.

Okay, so pigs are incredibly smart…but how does that put more bacon into my mouth? Even after watching this compilation of mini pigs doing funny things I’m still craving bacon. There will never be a time in life when I don’t look at a pig and think ‘BACON’

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