Guy Yells ‘Oh Damn!’ As Air-Pump Rocket Nails Him In Face And I Can’t Stop Laughing At It

I have absolutely zero background info as to why this guy was filming a bunch of people shooting off air-pump rockets, but, honestly, that doesn’t even matter because the video is the funniest thing I’ve watched all morning.

Standing there, seemingly minding the majestic sight of a rocket being blasted into the air by the power of one’s foot, dude realizes a little too late that one comes flying at his face, leaving him with the reaction most of us would have, too—”Oh damn!”

If I’m not already going to hell for all the other bad things I’ve done in my life, I certainly have a first-class ticket there now after laughing hysterically at this over and over. Hope the bro’s OK.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]