Wish There Was An Airbnb For Stoners? BOOM! Wish Granted, Introducing Bud & Breakfast

There’s already an Uber for weed company, so the logical next step is an Airbnb for marijuana enthusiasts. It exists and it is aptly called Bud & Breakfast.

Last Thursday, the Boulder, Colorado company that offers “cannabis friendly lodging” launched.

Bud and Breakfast CEO and ganjapreneur Sean Roby declares his honorable mission statement:

“We want to provide an accessible network of accommodations that meet high standards of quality, reliability and satisfaction for travelers who also wish to enjoy the benefits of this wonderfully healing plant.”

Hahaha he said “high” standards.

Travelers search for their desired weed spot by filtering the listings by location, price, property type and amenities.

The booking service is only available in states that have legalized weed including Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Washington D.C., plus countries where it’s legal like Jamaica, The Netherlands and Uruguay.

While marijuana is legal in Colorado, there is a stipulation that allows hotels and private rentals decide whether they will accommodate pot smoking in their rooms, and many hotels are smoke-free. Opening up the door for Bud & Breakfast.

Take a weedcation in Jamaica where you can rent this “hotbox” that offers, “PANORAMIC OCEAN VIEWS SURROUNDING TRAILS TO OUR OWN VERY OWN GANJA RIVER, COMPLETE WITH NATURAL SWIM POOLS & WATERFALLS.” Or go to Steamboat Springs, Colorado and stay in this luxurious 12-bedroom estate on seven pristine acres of land.

“This goes beyond people looking to smoke pot,” Roby reminds everyone that it’s not just stoners who are seeking marijuana-friendly rentals. “There are families with sick children looking for alternative treatments and adults who live with handicaps being treated with cannabis. Bud and Breakfast makes it possible to find a comfortable setting – like a private home – to begin healing. It’s great to know we can help them.”

The startup enjoyed 4/20, when apparently every single Bud and Breakfast listing was sold out.

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