U.S. Airstrikes Smoke 250 ISIS Terrorists In Military Convoy Fleeing Fallujah

This week, Iraqi security forces retook and liberated the city of Fallujah after it was under ISIS control since 2014. Some of the ISIS forces were fleeing Fallujah with their tails between their legs. There were about 175 vehicles carrying over 250 militants out of the city. They made a grave mistake of grouping together in a large convoy and were traveling southeast of Fallujah on an open road.


A really, really big mistake when the entire world is looking for ISIS jihadists.

The United States-led air force swooped in, served up a heaping helping of freedom and obliterated the Islamic State convoy.

Col. Chris Garver, the spokesman for the U.S. coalition, detailed the airstrike on Thursday.

“Iraqi air force and coalition airstrikes attacked the convoy throughout the night and into Wednesday morning. We estimate coalition strikes destroyed approximately 55 Da’esh vehicles and we know the Iraqi security forces destroyed more.

When strikes from both Iraqi and coalition air hit the convoy, the Da’esh fighters abandoned their vehicles and fled on foot. We estimate coalition strikes destroyed approximately 120 Da’esh vehicles. Again, we know the Iraqi security forces destroyed more.”

Footage of the explosive attack has surfaced online and shows the convoy getting absolutely barbecued.

This victory came on a week where Daesh forces took heavy losses at the hands of the coalition.

The Anonymous hackers also announced that they have renewed focus at paralyzing ISIS after the terrorist attack at Istanbul’s main airport. The new mission is titled #OpIstanbul and vows to get revenge for the 43 people killed and 238 injured at the Ataturk Airport in Turkey.