Anonymous Unleashes #OpIstanbul To Paralyze ISIS, Wants Your Help To Avenge Istanbul Attack



It is widely speculated that Tuesday’s terrorist attack on Istanbul’s main airport that took the lives of 43 innocent people and wounded more than 238 others was the work of ISIS. “All information and evidence” points to ISIS, Interior Minister Efkan Ala said. “But nothing is for certain.” Although no group has taken responsibility of the deadly rampage at the Ataturk Airport, Anonymous hackers have unleashed an operation against Islamic State. In response to the brutal and appalling slaughter at the international terminal building, the hacktivist organization has begun #OpIstanbul.

Anonymous released a statement and a video pertaining to Operation Istanbul.

Greetings world, we are Anonymous.

Most of you know that Turkey was hit by terrorists on 29th of June, 2016. Our freedom is once again under attack, this can not continue.

Following the attacks in Brussels last March, we have fought daily against terrorism and and we have silenced thousands of Twitter accounts directly linked to ISIS.

We severely punished ISIS on the darknet, hacked their electronic portfolio, and stole money from the terrorists.

We have laid siege to your propaganda websites, tested them with our cyber attacks.

However, we will not rest as long as terrorists continue their actions around the world.

We will strike back against them. We will keep hacking their websites, shutting down their Twitter accounts, and dismantling them to the best of our ability.

We defend the rights of freedom and tolerance. To the supporters of ISIS: we will track you down, we will find you, we are everywhere and we are more than you can imagine.

When they killed innocent civilians in Turkey they hit everybody in Europe, we have to fight back!

Everyone can contribute to our efforts and we invite you to fight with us, you can find information about the operation in the description of this video.

The Islamic state can not recruit Muslims in Europe if they are accepted and included in the society.
So we want all of you to stand together against discrimination.

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

It appears that Anonymous is recruiting willing participants to get revenge on the monsters that killed so many innocent victims.

The three suicide attackers in the Turkey attacks are believed to be from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. They entered Turkey about a month ago from the ISIL stronghold of Raqqa, including the suicide vests and bombs used in the gruesome attack, a source said CNN on Thursday.

This of course is not the first operation that Anonymous has directed at Daesh. Last November, following the tragic Paris attacks, Anonymous began #OpISIS. The mission was to inflict “massive cyber attacks” on Islamic State.

The Anonymous hacktivists assembled lists of the Twitter accounts and websites associated with the extremists. Anonymous alleged that they took down over 5,500 pro-ISIS Twitter accounts and promised mass ddos attacks on Isis sites. They also leaked the personal information of suspected jihadists, including the physical address of a person it claims is a Daesh recruiter in Europe.

This month, an Anonymous hacker seized control of ISIS Twitter profiles and plastered gay pride slogans and rainbows all over the venomous social media accounts.

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