Group Of Bros Buy A School Bus And Road Trip To Alaska — WARNING: This Video Will Make You Want To Travel

by 3 years ago

It certainly wouldn’t be right to call this a spontaneous road trip, as the bros who purchased the Ford E-350 school bus spend a solid 5 months restoring the bus before hitting the open road and truckin’ up through Alaska. These bros are living the dream. I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again: there’s nothing more American than a great road trip. A good road trip is like sweet tea and apple pie for the soul, and it’s the only way you can ever truly see the real America.

After watching this video I’m reminded of just how much I missing road tripping. In college we once left a bar after last call (with a sober driver) to go from Tallahassee on over to Georgia to buy some more beer (because they stop selling early in Tallahassee stores). Once in the car we decided we should just go to Colorado, so we did just that. Packed up some clothes an a few blankets on our way out of town, and by the time 2 of the 3 of us woke up we were already in Nashville. We spent a solid two weeks on the road, most of it spent in Colorado, but with stops in St. Louis along the way there. It was glorious, and I’m pretty sure I need to go back and recapture that lightning in a bottle. These bros managed to capture a lightning storm in a bottle.

Some of you may think that this is the world’s longest beer commercial: it’s not a commercial at all, they just love drinking beer. And can you blame them? They’re in the middle of B.F.E. and traveling on a tiny school bus, of course they’re gonna stock up on Alaskan Amber, they don’t know they’re going to see the next gas station and can’t run the risk of running out of beer.


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