That 18-Year-Old Model Auctioning Her Virginity Says A Bidder Has Offered Her An ABSURD Amount Of Money

Remember that 18-year-old model we told you about named Aleexandra Khefren who put her virginity up for auction to help buy her parents a new house? Yeah, well, she reports that she’s now got a bidder and he blew her $1 million asking price right the hell out of the water.

In case you missed the original story, Khefren, from Bucharest, says that she got idea to sell off her virginity when she saw the movie Indecent Proposal where Robert Redford paid $1 million to have sex with Demi Moore. As solid a transaction as there ever could be, right?

Khefren also said that her parents knew nothing about her plan… while telling her story on national television. Whoops.

Hard to believe, but they later found out about it and weren’t exactly thrilled.

Her uncle told the Daily Mail

“They have begged her not to do it, but she told them, ‘I’m 18 and I can do what I like with my body.”

“They have threatened her and said if she goes ahead with selling herself they will not consider her their daughter any more. It is a terrible situation.”

“Her mother was in tears and it was a terrible atmosphere. Just awful. ‘I tried to be the peacemaker and to see both sides, but they are very angry.”

Nevertheless, Khefren is sticking to her guns and kept her auction going and now reports that she has a bidder, a “wealthy businessman,” willing to pay her, wait for it… $2.1 million.


Aleexandra, an aspiring model from Bucharest, in Romania, said selling herself does not make her a prostitute and added: ‘This is an opportunity and I will take it.’

The tawdry auction is being run by Cinderella Escorts, a website based in Germany, where the teenager is pictured wearing lingerie in a series of provocative poses.

The agency, which is taking 20 per cent, boasts: ‘The date takes place in Germany. The buyer can choose a hotel here, where Aleexandra will visit him for a night.’

Look, I get it. It’s hard to get laid sometimes. The struggle is real. BUT… if you have as much disposable income as this bidder for Aleexandra Khefren’s virginity has how hard can it really be? What a world.


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