This 18-Year-Old Is Selling Her Virginity For Over $1 Million To Keep Her Parents From Getting Evicted

So at what point did selling your virginity to raise money actually become a thing? Has it always been around and I am just now hearing more about it because of the internet? Because over the past several years there seems to be quite an uptick in this taking place.

The latest woman to put her virginity up for auction is named Aleexandra Khefren, an 18-year-old believed to be from Eastern Europe.

Khefren plans to auction off her virginity for no less than €1million (or $1,063,449) so she can buy a new home for her parents who are set to be evicted in February.

Oh yeah, her parents also have no idea that she’s doing this.

So what possessed her to want to do such a thing? Oh you know, the usual…

Reports the Daily Mail

The teenager was inspired to place the advert on an online escort agency, after seeing the film Indecent Proposal – where Robert Redford’s character offers Demi Moore £1billion to spend the night with her.

‘I was 15, I saw a movie on TV it was about a girl who sold herself for one night. Maybe I could do this with my virginity I saw many girls who sold themselves for £3.5million or more,’ she told presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

The European woman said that she was up against a deadline because her parents were set to be made homeless and she also needed the money to study abroad at Oxford University.

When asked about how she will deal with the buyer Khefren didn’t seem too concerned, “I am thinking it is strictly business not emotional. I think it will be alright, I think a glass of wine will be enough to get through.”

Is she even old enough to drink wine? I guess that’s not really the important issue here, is it?

As for her parents never finding out, she says, “I told them that I am going for a modelling catwalk, I am doing this for them but they don’t know. My father is a very strict man. He wouldn’t agree with it. If they don’t find out I will never tell them.”

I take it they must not have the internet then, huh?