This Alien Invasion Taxi Prank Is So Elaborate I’m 99% Sure The People Getting Screwed Will Have Nightmares Forever

Not as good as the horrifying ghost on a subway video (but still pretty goddamned good), the above prank was pulled off by the Programa Silvio Santos in Brazil. In a nutshell, two people get trapped in a taxi, the car breaks down in the woods and then aliens appear to come and abduct the riders. Not exactly a novel concept, but the production value here really sets this prank apart from most. I mean DAMN, look at the makeup job done on the aliens:

They look better than the original alien in Alien, though that’s not a hard feat considering they cast the monster in shadow for most of the movie because it looked like shit. Couple that with the flashing UFO, exploding telephone poles and abundant use of a smoke machine and you’ve got yourself some grade A+ television pranking going on here.

[H/T Daily Mail]