Since It’s 2016 And Nothing’s Shocking Anymore, Here’s An Alligator Hitching A Ride On The Back Of A Manatee

by 1 year ago

It’s been a year full of shock and surprise. I could go into the specifics but you all lived through it, you know how fucking wonky this year was, how it was a never-ending roller coaster.

As we inch our way towards 2017 it’s hard to be surprised by anything. If we get hit by a plague of locusts tomorrow I wouldn’t bat an eyelash, and likewise, I’m not at all surprised to see this alligator hitching a ride on the back of a manatee at Florida‘s Blue Spring State Park:

This picture has been going viral for the past few weeks down here in WTFlorida, with several thousand shares on Facebook, but it’s just popped up on the national landscape, so I figured it was a good time to share it with you bros. And as crazy as this picture is, it is a friggin’ alligator riding on the back of a manatee, this is 2016 and nothing’s surprising anymore. Had I not seen ‘raccoon rides alligator’ from a while back I think I’d be more shocked, but ‘gator rides manatee’ has nothing on this:

(h/t WPTV)


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