Watch Amateur MMA Warriors Beat The Everloving Snot Out Each Other At ‘Fight Club’ In Thailand

Welcome to Fight Club Thailand. There aren’t many rules in this vicious mano-a-mano combat league. Amateur MMA fighters duke it the fuck out in front of cheering crowds, as they hope to garner fandom while not getting their block knocked off.

These unsanctioned street fights see combatants of every aspect of life from school bus drivers to soldiers rumble in jeans, shorts, tracksuits, and gloves.

There is a doctor in the house and there is no hitting the back of the head, the Adam’s apple, and the spine, but everywhere else is fair game. So it is somewhat organized and safe. I guess.

These street fights are illegal in Thailand, but it has not stopped them from going viral online.
Bangkok Metropolitan Police commander Sanit Mahatavorn said these fights are a violation of a 1999 law on boxing because they were not sanctioned by state regulators and he would look to stop them.

I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to write that they not only broke the first rule of Fight Club, but also the second rule.