Amazing Bro Has Carried His Disabled Friend To School EVERY DAY For Three Years, Both Sit Top Of The Class

For the past three years, an amazing story of bro love has been fostering on the other side of the world from where many of us reside. In China’s northern Jiangsu Province, at Daxu High School, two bros share a special friendship – a bond made stronger in the face of adversity, proving resoundingly that it’s always easier to, “get by with a little help from [your] friends.”

Xie Xu, has been there for his bro, Zhang Chi, since the day they met. Zhang Chi is stricken with muscular dystrophy, which renders being mobile pretty damn difficult. But, Xie Xu won’t let that deter his best friend from sitting next to him, right at the top of their class. Xie Xu has carried Zhang Chi to and from school EVERY DAY for the last three years; neither of the students have missed one single day of class.

HuffPost Live did a great report on the bro’s heart-warming friendship.


I think the headmaster at their school summed it up as well as you possibly could. Both of these kids are downright amazing, and there’s zero doubt in my mind that the friendship they have forged in their last three years together will last a lifetime, long after they go their separate ways to different schools next year.

All the best of luck to both Zhang Chi and Xie Xu with the rest of their schooling. You bros are truly an inspiration.

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