All I’m Watching Today Is This Amazing Ping Pong Playing Dog

by 4 years ago

While it took me years to teach my dog to not take a dump in my shoes, this super canine is playing ping pong. This adorable border collie’s ping pong game is on point, especially when you consider that he does not have hands.

This bitch grunts more than Serena Williams.

However, if this ping pong playing pup expects to go anywhere in the sport it will need to remedy his inclination to put his paws on the playing surface because that will cost him a point every time.

This is totally not surprising since border collies are considered by many to be the smartest breed of dog.

Maybe this dog could give our old friend Fritz a few pointers on how to increase his coordination. Fucking forget it. We all know damn well that there is no hope for the adorably clumsy Fritz.