The Amazing Story Of A Navy SEAL Who Was Shot 27 Times While Killing 4 Al-Qaeda Terrorists

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This is one of the most incredible battle stories you’ll hear. In Iraq’s Anbar Province on April 6, 2007, Navy SEAL Senior Chief Mike Day entered a room while searching for an Al-Qaeda cell. He was met by four heavily -armed enemy combatants. Via IBT:

Immediately there was a barrage on him, and it felt as if someone was “just beating him up with sledge hammers,” Day, now retired, said to CBN News. They shot his rifle out of his hands and hit him 16 times in the arms, legs and abdomen. The other 11 shots fired his body armour, which could sustain itself—as well as him! Miraculously, he did not die although his life could have got over with just one shot. Although the body armour he was wearing was not supposed to disintegrate after just a shot, it managed to withstand everything. The entire battle got over within a distance of 10 feet, Day explained. He was shot everywhere on his body, though his head was spared.

Absolutely terrifying. He managed to kill the enemy, escape to a helicopter, and get out alive. He spent two years hospitalized and was awarded with 16 medals, including the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, and the Purple Heart.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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