Amazon Will Soon Have One-Hour Alcohol Delivery, Which Is A Booze Game Changer For Partying

Nothing sucks more than when you’re day-drinking with friends and you run out booze. It’s Saturday. You’re watching a slate of college football with friends. Then it’s like “ugh, what do we do now? No one can drive… Do we really have to WALK down to the liquor store? This sucks. Our legs don’t work on Saturdays.”

If you live in an area where walking is an option, someone usually takes one for the team and does the beer run. Usually that’s the person who doesn’t want to stop drinking. A.K.A. me. But sometimes it’s just a endless pit of boozeless suck until your sober friend Dave comes over with a rack of Nattys to save the day.

If you live in Seattle, this nightmare situation will never happen again. Apparently is introducing a Prime Now alcohol delivery option, according to Buzzfeed. Here’s the info from the press release:

Residents of Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland can now get one-hour delivery on tens of thousands of items like paper towels, wine, beer, chilled and frozen items like milk and ice cream, televisions and Kindle devices.

“Prime Now is our fastest delivery option ever. With Prime Now, you can skip a trip to the store and get the items you need delivered right to your door in under an hour,” said Stephenie Landry, director of Amazon’s Prime Now service. “Customers love the convenience of one-hour delivery and we’re excited to bring Prime Now to our hometown customers in Seattle and surrounding areas.”

Prime Now launched in select Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland zip codes today and is expanding rapidly to additional zip codes. Prime members can download the Prime Now app, available on iOS and Android devices, and be notified when the service is available in their area. In Seattle and surrounding areas, Prime Now delivers from 8 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week. Two-hour delivery is free and one-hour delivery is available for $7.99.

It sounds like it will be unveiled nationwide down the road. Just think: A couple of taps on your app and — shaazam! — as long as you have Prime, booze delivered to your door in a hour. Sure, there are similar service like Minibar Delivered if you live in cities like New York, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, SF, and DC, but having this ability synched with Amazon is kind of a game changer.

You can grab Amazon Prime Now here.

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