Taya Kyle, Widow Of American Sniper Chris Kyle, Outshoots NRA Champion, Raises $500,000 For Charity

Taya Kyle, widow of American sniper Chris Kyle, did her husband proud by displaying some sharp shooting of her own on Saturday. Taya took on NRA World Shooting Champion Bruce Piatt at the Inaugural American Sniper Shootout in Mason, Texas. Taya, who is a self-proclaimed novice shooter, did get some help to manage the feat. “I’m nowhere near a world-class marksman, Taya said. “I don’t even think I’d consider myself a marksman at all.”

Taya’s firearms were fitted with a special target-assisted system called TrackingPoint. Kyle used three different rifles with the TrackingPoint technology, making the guns precision-guided firearms, meanwhile the world-renowned marksman did it the old-fashioned way. To up the ante, TrackingPoint offered Piatt $1,000,000 if he won.

Kyle hit 100 percent of her shots on 29 targets with her guidance-enabled weapons, while Piatt hit 58.6 percent of his targets. Her aggregated score was 10,140 points, while Piatt’s score was 3,080 points.

Despite Taya cheating to win the competition, everything worked out in the end because she raised $500,000 for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

The mission of the foundation:

All too often, the support network of those serving our country – either on the military frontline or as first responders (Paramedics, Fire, Police and Government Agency Officers) can be overlooked or forgotten.

The pressures that come naturally with carrying out service to our country can lead to a negative ripple effect among family units, which flows into the communities within which they serve, work and live.

The aim of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation is to provide meaningful, interactive experiences to service members, first responders and their families, aimed at enriching their family relationships.

“The technology of the gun was developed based on conversations with Chris [Kyle] about what factors a marksman has to consider on with every shot,” Kyle told Fox News.

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