A Lot Of Americans Are In Favor Of Bombing Agrabah, Imaginary Kingdom From ‘Aladdin,’ And The Internet Has Jokes


Public Policy Polling asked Democrats and Republicans various questions regarding Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Agrabah, the fictional kingdom from Disney’s cartoon classic, Aladdin. The polling company asked, “Would you support or oppose bombing Agrabah?” The results are sad and terrifying.

Of the 530 Republican primary voters were polled this week, 30 percent said they supported bombing the imaginary land, 13 percent were opposed and 57 percent said they were not sure. However, Democrats weren’t much more peaceful to Aladdin’s homeland. There were 19 percent Democratic voters in favor of bombing the fake country, 36 were against military action and 45 were not sure.

Things get even scarier when you look at the Trump supporters, because they were the most likely to support obliteration of the fictional Disney country. There were 41 percent of Trump supporters that wanted to bomb Agrabah, while John Kasich’s supporters were the least likely to be in favor of this make-believe assault, at 11 percent. The latest poll shows that 39 percent of GOP primary voters side with Donald Trump, so if you take Trump’s 39 percent out of the Republican vote, the GOP stance goes down to around the Democrat’s 19 percent in favor of bombing Agrabah (The PPP poll has a 4.3 percent margin of error).

Despite which side of the political aisle that these numbnuts are on, it’s a ridiculously silly notion to be in favor of bombing a fake place from a cartoon. The Internet did not disappoint with their mocking of overzealous warhawks.


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