Over 2,000 Americans Were Surveyed About The Kind Of Poops They Take And This Is Just ALL KINDS Of TMI

A survey of over 2,000 people about their pooping habits revealed WAY more than I ever wanted to know about taking a dump, and yet I can’t stop reading it.

It’s just fascinating.

For instance, did you know that nearly 30% of men and a quarter of women would wait one to three months before relieving themselves in a date’s home?

Or that both men and women agree that pooping at the bar is the last option? Have to agree with that one.

And here’s a doozy of a stat: 30% of Americans say their poop is shaped like a sausage or a snake; smooth and soft. TMI! TMI!

Here are even more fascinating poop facts pulled together by the folks over at Healthline

Check out rest of the poopy findings in more detail over at Healthline.com.

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