Over 2,000 Americans Were Surveyed About The Kind Of Poops They Take And This Is Just ALL KINDS Of TMI

by 1 year ago


A survey of over 2,000 people about their pooping habits revealed WAY more than I ever wanted to know about taking a dump, and yet I can’t stop reading it.

It’s just fascinating.

For instance, did you know that nearly 30% of men and a quarter of women would wait one to three months before relieving themselves in a date’s home?

Or that both men and women agree that pooping at the bar is the last option? Have to agree with that one.

And here’s a doozy of a stat: 30% of Americans say their poop is shaped like a sausage or a snake; smooth and soft. TMI! TMI!

Here are even more fascinating poop facts pulled together by the folks over at Healthline


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